It’s Wedding Season!

Weddings  occur year-round, but for whatever reason, I have come to the realization that the Summer months officially mark wedding season. I’m not complaining about it, either, considering summer weddings are often outside and are able to incorporate beautiful greenery and flowers.

One downside of summer weddings? The heat. But hey, we can’t control the weather, and as long as there is some sort of place to visit during the wedding and cool off, al, is well in the world.

I have always loved weddings. They’re such a joyous celebration, and they truly allow two individuals to express their absolute love towards another. They often bring together family and friends who may not see each other regularly, and the company is always diverse and entertaining. There’s great food, music, and beautiful decoration – what’s not to like?

One of my favourite aspects of a wedding is the ceremony itself. So often I find people often discard the ceremony due to their anticipation for the reception, but I believe this to be unfortunate. The ceremony is where two people officially become one, as cheesy as that sounds, and it is a pleasure for me, personally, to be present to observe this unification. Watching the bride come down the aisle and locking eyes with her soon-to-be-husband really is a magical moment, and I think sometimes it is underappreciated.

Perhaps I’m being excessive in my opinion of weddings, but I just really enjoy attending them, as many people do. Last summer I actually attended four, which at the time felt like a lot, but looking back they were such a great time, and I look forward to the ones I will be attending this summer.

One more positive about weddings? They’re an excuse to get dressed up and feel fancy, which for me is enjoyable on occasion.

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