Relationships: Business Between A Couple and No One Else

Throughout my relationship with my boyfriend, we have run into individuals who seem to think it is appropriate to become invested in our own personal matters that simply do not have any relevance to them. When I say invested in personal matters, I am making reference to how, for whatever reason, so many people struggle with the comprehension that a relationship is, at the end of the day, between the two people involved in the relationship. Sure, others may become involved with matters depending on their context over time, but in a controlled, respectable state.

For example, people have made comments to both myself and my boyfriend about personal matters that have been addressed by both of us as if it is their business. What is interesting is that these comments are never made when he and I are together; rather, they are made to us when we are alone.

Why is it so difficult for people to understand that someone else’s relationship has nothing to do with them? People are absolutely entitled to their opinions, and said opinions should be expressed from time to time. However, when these opinions are shared in an aggressive, intrusive manner, they become an issue, and it is incredibly frustrating to deal with this sort of meddling.

It seems so simple when said aloud, but refraining from meddling in a couple’s relationship is not only respectful on a very basic level, but further is a sign of maturity. Unless your opinion is requested, or unless your opinion is warranted because the situation is serious or dangerous, just bite your tongue. Offering a couple advice based on your own beliefs is unnecessary and unwanted in most cases.

It can be draining when you’re bombarded by unwanted advice from an outsider regarding your relationship. Keep your head high and focus on yourself and your partner – that’s who your relationship involves anyways.

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