The reality of being a woman in the agricultural industry

If I really wanted, I could keep this post quite short and simply state that being a woman in the agricultural industry isn’t ideal. I could even be so bold to say, with complete honesty, it sucks. But, that would be a very generalizing description, and I think it may be more beneficial if I … More The reality of being a woman in the agricultural industry

Are we doomed?

I was chatting with mom about the current state of society the other day. We discussed politics, ethics, climate change and racism, and she concluded that if mankind continues down the dangerous path it’s already treading, we’re doomed. Without trying to be a pessimist, I’d have to say I agree. As much as I would … More Are we doomed?

Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

Controversy regarding the widely-known Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, has a lot of people sharing their somewhat heated opinions across social media as of late. In case you haven’t heard of this controversy, people are upset with certain lyrics in the song that implies male patriarchy and female submission/oppression. Prior to the onset of … More Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

When I noticed that #GenderEqualityWeek was trending on Twitter this week, I was pleasantly surprised that this initiative is occurring right at home on Canadian soil. This is the first time this movement is occurring in Canada, and thus far, it’s received a very positive response via social media (do a quick search, you’ll see … More Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

Here’s why the Serena Williams fine is so sexist

This past Sunday, Serena Williams was fined $17,000 for supposedly violating three match codes in her loss to Japan’s Osaka. The referee at the match fined Williams $10,000 for verbal abuse towards chair umpire Carlos Ramos; $4,000 for being warned for coaching; and $3,000 for breaking her racket, according to an article from Global News. … More Here’s why the Serena Williams fine is so sexist

Hypocrisy In the Bible

Religion is an incredibly controversial topic, specifically Catholicism as of late, but as someone who attends mass each Sunday and has come to acknowledge just how hypocritical the Catholic religion is, I wanted to take it upon myself to dissect one reading in particular and its blatant perpetuation of sexism and male patriarchy. This passage … More Hypocrisy In the Bible