Are we doomed?

I was chatting with mom about the current state of society the other day. We discussed politics, ethics, climate change and racism, and she concluded that if mankind continues down the dangerous path it’s already treading, we’re doomed.

Without trying to be a pessimist, I’d have to say I agree.

As much as I would love to convince myself that things will straighten out, I fail to see how any major corrections will be made to the stupendous issues facing us in society today. And it’s a very concerning realization.

As an example, I was chatting with someone the other day about having children. This person explained to me that they have decided not to bring children into this world because of the state it’s in, and I know others who have decided the same.

I think the decision to abstain from raising children in our current and future world is a pretty vivid reflection of how bad things have gotten.

What’s even more concerning about this realization is the fact that most of us don’t seem overly bothered by the progression of current issues at hand. Yes, we read about social issues in the media, and perhaps we even chat about them around the water cooler at work. But we’re not collectively making an effort to even address these problems, let alone solve them, and they will continue to worsen in both severity and occurrence.

I don’t have any sort of solution for the shit path us and our world are headed down, but I do believe it’s essential to acknowledge the direction we’re headed in. If things are as bad as they are now, what will they be like by 2050?

It’s due time to tackle some of these problems head on, before they develop any further. If we’re all doomed anyways, it’s the least we can do in the meantime.

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