Choose to communicate

Communication is a pretty major component of daily life for most of us. Depending on the sort of work we do, conversation can be a tremendous occurrence throughout any given day, and outside of the working world as well. I’ve found that as I have gotten older, I’ve come to realize just how useful and … More Choose to communicate

Are we doomed?

I was chatting with mom about the current state of society the other day. We discussed politics, ethics, climate change and racism, and she concluded that if mankind continues down the dangerous path it’s already treading, we’re doomed. Without trying to be a pessimist, I’d have to say I agree. As much as I would … More Are we doomed?

A sad societal state

In case you haven’t seen any news over the past, say, five years or so, let me begin by stating that the state of our world is complete shit. Yes, complete shit. I said it. Whether you’re arguing this from an environmental perspective, a social perspective, a human rights perspective, an economic perspective, whatever perspective … More A sad societal state