Have we become too sensitive?

Within the past ten years or so, I would say, we as a society have collectively seen some major changes in terms of general conversations and statements while made in a public setting or in the presence of others. New vocabulary and language has been developed in an attempt to create a more inclusive world, and further, to avoid offending persons with words.

A lot of us don’t necessarily like these sorts of changes as some of us believe society in general has become too sensitive, hence why these new and foreign terms have been developed. Some of us protest using the appropriate terminology to refer to someone or something from time to time, and while we may be socially encouraged to make use of newly coined terms for the sake of others, it ultimately comes down to a matter of opinion.

I was watching a television series a few nights ago, and one of the women involved in the cast quite honestly blew my mind because of how rude and harsh she is. She claims she speaks her mind and avoids lying to people to tell them what they want to hear as she believes this practice is wrong, and also stated in the show that she wishes she could speak her mind regardless of the situation without offending anyone.

I thought a lot about her statement pertaining to telling people the truth, no matter how harsh or uncomfortable it is, as opposed to sugar-coating something to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. And while I don’t think her life philosophy to be a huge bitch is all that respectable, I do have to agree with her beliefs about honesty.

I think it is interesting to compare this woman’s stance to how many of us operate in daily society. Do you agree with her, or do you believe censorship and the use of carefully chosen language to refrain from stepping on toes is a better option?

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