The importance of patience in a pandemic

Us Ontario residents were pleased to hear that certain regions of our province have been given the go-ahead to enter phase two in terms of re-opening select businesses that have been forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The news came earlier this week, and as of Friday, several businesses have been permitted to once again offer their services to the general public.

As wonderful as this news is, it comes with a bit of hesitation and further caution from the employees that will be working at these businesses as they re-open. I can’t speak for everyone, but as a server/bartender, I personally am a little leery about patios being able to re-open in particular.

I’m willing to bet that a lot of Ontarians are excited about entering phase two and being able to get out and enjoy some things we haven’t been able to experience for quite some time now. And, honestly, this excitement is absolutely warranted. I must ask all Ontarians, however, to please remain patient with the re-opening of certain businesses and not to take any frustrations out on those of us who will be working at these businesses, trying to grapple with the new changes and policies that have been put in place for the health and safety of everyone.

We are living in a foreign and unfamiliar society at the current moment, and many business operations we were familiar with and comfortable with before may not be a thing anymore. We must all be patient, understanding, and kind as we collectively work towards reaching a relatively normal state in our society once more.

I ask everyone to be tolerant and to polite to all persons working right now and in the weeks and months to come. It’s a weird time for everyone, and remaining patient is one of the most advantageous tools we all possess in this odd scenario.

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