What makes a good leader?

Leadership is a concept that influences all of us. Whether we perceive ourselves or someone else to be a leader, leadership is a force that makes itself prominent in all of our lives on a day-to-day basis.

Although we are all familiar with leadership and what we believe it entails, I would argue that a lot of us underestimate our own leadership skills and abilities. Perhaps this belief stems from missed opportunities to take on a leadership role, or maybe it is a result of an underestimation of our own potential to be one. Either way, leadership is something all of us can pursue, and I think it is worthwhile to discuss some characteristics of what is involved with strong leadership.

While the word itself gives it away rather obviously, a major component of leadership is being able to lead others. When I say lead others, I’m referring to the ability to exude confidence, determination, and keep a level head when shit hits the fan. Being able to maintain composure under pressure is a tremendous aspect of proper leadership, and a true leader must be able to keep calm in rocky situations.

Another element associated with a good leader is humility. While a leader may be recognized as someone who can take over and assist others in accomplishing a feat, confidence and arrogance cannot be confused with each other. A strong leader recognizes their position but does not place their worth above others.

A true leader should also be ready and willing to help others whenever needed. Problem solving is a major characteristic of strong leadership, and if someone is struggling, that must be recognized and addressed immediately.

It may not seem like it, but I assure you that anyone can be a good leader, even if leadership is something you’ve never dabbled in before.

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