Are you a fan of spontaneity?

Being spontaneous is something I’ve never been super successful with. I am the type of person that absolutely prefers a plan to quick, out-of-the-blue decisions, and quite honestly, the concept of spontaneity often gives me anxiety.

Despite my hesitation towards spur-of-the-moment decisions, a lot of us enjoy spontaneity, as it turns out. “The average American makes 6,709 spontaneous decisions every year, according to new research” and “a brand new survey of 2,000 American respondents found, when including decisions such as getting coffee, trying a new lunch place, taking a nap and the like, the average American will act spontaneously about 18 times per day,” says an article from The Good News Network.

I was surprised to learn just how often we act spontaneously on a given day, but I was even more surprised by what the article went on to explains.

“The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Cub Cadet, found those who considered themselves a ‘spontaneous person’ were 40% more likely to consider themselves a ‘happy person.’ Not only that, but they were also 38% more likely to feel content and satisfied with their life.

“Interestingly, most Americans do consider themselves quite spontaneous, as only about one in six did not think of themselves as such. But of those surveyed, 72% said they feel happier after when they make a spur-of-the-moment decision in some way.

“In fact, of the respondents who did not consider themselves to be spontaneous, one in three said they felt happy right after acting that way,” the article explains.

I have to admit that reading this article has swayed my opinions towards spontaneous decisions and choices in a positive way. I think spontaneity can be a beneficial practice within reason, and if so many people experienced an increase in happiness after making a spontaneous choice, I think it’s worth trying.

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3 thoughts on “Are you a fan of spontaneity?

  1. My life has been nothing but spontaneity, ranging from wild career jumps to quitting my job to write a novel. Never purposely sought it though, and it doesn’t always work out, but that’s part of the fun, right? Thanks for sharing and here’s to wishing you more spontaneous choices before 2020 ends!

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