How to be a better communicator

Miscommunication is something that has likely impacted all of us at some point in our lives. It’s relatively easy to unintentionally obscure a clear message while communicating, however the effects of this obscurity can have consequential outcomes, depending on the context of the situation.

Misconstrued communication can result in problems in our romantic relationships, familial relationships, friendships and in the workplace, hence the significance of maintaining clear and concise communication whenever possible. It is unfortunately much easier to discuss clear communication than it is to practice it, though, so I thought I might offer some tips that will hopefully assist someone in giving a clear message.

A tremendous aspect affiliated with clear communication is abstaining from over complicating details. When sharing information with someone, try to be as concise as possible. Avoid excessive descriptions and irrelevant information as these can cause someone to become overwhelmed and lose sight of the actual point of the conversation taking place.

An additional component of clear communication is ensuring that anyone involved with the situation is briefed when there is an update concerning any sort of information. If you’re part of a team, for example, and only half of your team members are aware of a change while the other half are not, confusion can quickly develop because not everyone was informed of changes made.

Strong communication also consists of a thorough explanation of the message being communicated. Having a deep understanding of a concept is an effective way to enable communication to be as smooth and simple as possible, as opposed to being somewhat familiar with a concept and perpetuating confusion and misunderstanding through communication.

Language in all of its forms is an incredibly powerful weapon in terms of communicating with others, and it would benefit all of us to have a better understanding of communicating as clearly as possible.

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