Shame on mainstream media

I can say with complete sincerity that, as of late, I have never felt more ashamed about my previous role as a journalist as I do now.

I worked as a journalist for a variety of different publications over the span of a few years after graduating from post-secondary school. It was a rewarding experience at the time, but with so much misrepresentation and inaccurate reporting occurring in mainstream media as of late, I regret ever being a reporter.

It seems to me that the COVID-19 outbreak has seemingly encouraged a subtle message to journalistic publications and media channels to participate in a disheartening practice known as fear-mongering. Rather that reporting all facts and details pertaining to a specific subject matter, many writing platforms and their journalists are choosing to report what seems to be the most controversial and the most provocative information to generate a fearful response from readers and ultimately the public, and personally, I’ve had enough of this bullshit.

As a reporter, one must accept the responsibility to write as clearly, factually, and concisely as possible. We are told to refrain from being biased or incorporating our own personal beliefs into a piece we are covering, yet based on my own observations, many publications and their contributors are doing the exact opposite to instil doubt and paranoia into readers.

This is wrong.

Media platforms possess a tremendous amount of power and influence in terms of the information they release to the public, hence why it is crucial and furthermore expected to be as truthful and accurate as possible in what is being reported. Choosing to use these platforms to selectively share elements of fact and truth as opposed to the entirety of the matter is despicable, especially in a time that is dominated by fear and uncertainty.

Journalism is not what it used to be, but I hope it can return to the status it once held and represented for the public.

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