Lenox Hill: worth the watch

The medical realm is one that has always piqued my interest. I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who works in the medical field, regardless of their specific title or occupation, and I commend the people who risk their own health and safety to benefit others on a daily basis through their work.

Concerning medical-based television shows, I typically don’t watch them. I’ve tuned into a few episodes of random medical shows from time to time, but up until recently, I haven’t been committed to one in particular.

I came across a show titled Lenox Hill via Netflix a few nights ago and decided to give one episode a shot. One episode turned into a few, and soon enough I will finish the entire first season.

Rather than discussing the background information pertaining to the show as I typically do for posts addressing films or movies, I would like to focus more so on what the show is actually about and why it is beneficial for anyone to watch.

This show focuses on a handful of medical professionals in their given rolls in the hospital shown in the series. Some specialize in neurosurgery, others in obstetrics and gynaecology, and some in emergency department services. I appreciate the variety of doctors chosen to follow throughout the course of each episode, and I think it’s quite educating.

This show depicts the realities of working in the medical profession without glorifying or romanticizing the work. It shows people working tirelessly and making major personal sacrifices to help complete strangers, and I think it’s a series everyone could benefit from watching.

The next time you’re scrolling through Netflix trying to figure out what to watch, select Lenox Hill. It’s raw, it’s emotional, and it’s a true testament to what working as a medical professional requires.

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