Dealing with daily anxiety

I’ve written a few different posts discussing anxiety and of the joys and wonders it entails, but I wanted to write another regarding how to go about your day with frequent anxiety since a lot of us are feeling more anxious than usual these days. If you’ve noticed your anxiety a little more as of late, it’s quite understandable with all of the stresses we have been presented with because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, if you’re struggling with it on a daily basis, perhaps this post can be of benefit to you.

As someone who has Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I’m pretty familiar with experiencing anxiety daily. Some things trigger it more than others, and some days are good while others aren’t so good. But, despite the inconsistency of the anxiety and the spontaneity of it, there are a few things I like to do to calm myself down when it flares up.

It might sound stupid, but when I feel anxiety coming on, I like to talk aloud to myself (depending where I am) and literally tell myself “you’re fine, Lauren. You’re okay.” I find that hearing myself say these reassuring things helps bring my anxiety down, and repetition helps, too.

I also like to remind myself that experiencing anxiety is okay. Becoming frustrated and impatient with myself about my anxiety doesn’t do me any good, and the simple act of recognizing it when it comes on and continuing with my day helps combat its symptoms, too.

Anxiety is a hell of a lot more common than we think, and acceptance is a crucial component of learning to deal with it. It’s important to try and challenge anxiety, but it’s just as important to acknowledge its presence without succumbing to its manipulation.

Anxiety sucks, but it is manageable. A little give and take with this condition can work wonders.

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