Queen + Adam Lambert: a show of a lifetime

On Sunday evening, my mom and I ventured to Toronto to see Queen with Adam Lambert at the Scotiabank Arena. I had been looking forward to this concert since we purchased the tickets before Christmas, and rest assured I was anything but disappointed.

My mom and I actually had tickets to see these guys two years ago when they came to Toronto, but because I’m an incredibly lucky person, I managed to get strep throat just in time for the day and was unable to get out of my bed. So, when we learned they were returning, we immediately ordered tickets.

I can say with complete certainty that this concert was by far the best I’ve been to. It was done so tastefully; every element of the show was perfection. The lights, the set list, the effects, the performance itself … everything was fantastic.

Brian May and Roger Taylor, two of the bands original members, blew me away with their performances. Despite their age, these men gave it their all, and sounded and looked as good as ever. May can still shred a guitar like he did when Freddie was around, and Taylor hammered the drums out like no tomorrow. Adam Lambert was phenomenal, and while he’s no Freddie (which he willingly admits and doesn’t attempt to portray), his vocals are unmatched by anyone else I’ve heard.

With several tributes to Freddie himself, including clips of him singing and holograms of him from past performances, it was like he was there with all of us. It’s strange to miss someone you never knew, but I think the entire audience was simultaneously missing and celebrating him and his accomplishments along with the band that night.

Queen will always be one of my favourite bands, and I am so damn fortunate to be able to say that I saw the band perform. This was a concert that will never be forgotten.

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