Classic Albums Live Series: Creedence Clearwater Revival

On Thursday evening, my mom, dad and I saw a Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) cover band, presented by the Classic Albums Live Series. The concert was at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, and the three of us attended the show with a few of my parents’ friends. Classic Albums Live “takes classic albums and recreates … More Classic Albums Live Series: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Film Review: The Dirt

In light of Bohemian Rhapsody released earlier this year, depicting the story behind Queen, The Dirt, a similar style film portraying the story behind Mötley Crüe, recently became available via Netflix. My boyfriend and I watched it a couple of nights ago, and overall, I think it is well-executed and absolutely worth the watch. Starring … More Film Review: The Dirt

The power of song

I would bet money that a majority of people on this planet have a select few favourite sons that they can hear time and time again without growing tired of them. Perhaps the song reminds them of their childhood. Maybe it sparks memories of young love. Or, it could just have a rockin’ beat that … More The power of song

The 2018 Emmys

This year’s 70th Emmys took place on Monday evening in Los Angeles, so I figured it would make sense to summarize the winners to save time for all of you. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from Amazon took the lead in terms of most Emmys won. Receiving five for the evening, the show was recognized for its comedy … More The 2018 Emmys

Here’s Why You Can’t Beat Classic Rock & Roll

I can thank my parents for my eternal love of classic rock and roll music. Growing up, country and rock were typically played in our household, specifically on Sunday mornings, and although they may seem like insignificant memories to others, for me, they are the reason I have such a passion for music. I often … More Here’s Why You Can’t Beat Classic Rock & Roll

The 2018 Grammy’s

On Sunday evening my roommates and I came together to view the 2018 Grammys awards show in Madison Square Garden, New York City. I had never watched an entire Grammys award show prior to this occasion, and despite the ceremony being rather long (7:30-11 p.m.), I actually genuinely enjoyed it. The ceremony was packed with … More The 2018 Grammy’s

Cody Jinks

I am an avid fan of country music. Authentic, real and genuine country music, however, not the pop country that is dominating the country music industry in contemporary society. I often find myself listening to classic country music, for example songs by George Strait, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson, and yearning for an artist to … More Cody Jinks

Profile: Adele

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, born May 5th, 1988, is recognized in contemporary society as an English singer and songwriter. In 2006, Adele graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, and shortly after she was offered a recording contract from XL Recordings. One year later she won the Brit Awards Critics Choice Award … More Profile: Adele


Classic rock music has always been something I enjoy. I am thankful that my parents introduced me to this type of music from a young age, and because of their efforts I was able to listen to and fall in love with the music by Queen. Queen, a British rock band, originated in 1970 and … More Queen

Profile: Kip Moore

Kip Moore is and has been one of my preferred country music artists for quite some time now. He has and incredibly unique voice and is furthermore extremely talented, and his music has always been something that pleases me. The following biographical information comes from Kip Christian Moore is thirty-six years old, born on April … More Profile: Kip Moore