How well do you know your rock and roll part two

I was rather entertained while writing yesterday’s blog post regarding some rather quirky and interesting facts pertaining to the musical genre commonly known as rock and roll. I learned some thing I certainly was not aware of, and because the facts from the source I’m using are so intriguing, I had to do a continuation post today.

Once again, these facts come from

  • Jack White worked as a furniture upholsterer and actually owned Third Man Upholstery in Detroit prior to founding Third Man Records
  • Jack White almost became a priest as he was accepted to the Wisconsin Seminary
  • Patrick Carney of The Black Keys holds bragging rights for writing the opening credits for “Bojack Horseman,” a Netflix Original cartoon
  • Trent Reznor moved into a Beverley Hills Mansion in 1992 where Charles Manson followers killed Sharon Tate, an actress, in 1969. Nine Inch Nails recorded “The Downward Spiral” in this house
  • The Strokes admitted to taking their riff from “Last Nite” from Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” however Petty said it didn’t bother him
  • “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers was recorded in a haunted house formerly owned by Harry Houdini
  • On the topic of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, they have an album titled “One Hot Minute.” Their song “Tearjerker” on this album is about Kurt Cobain, and their song “Transcending” on this album is about River Phoenix.
  • Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch sang at funerals when she was a child
  • When he was a child, Prince was put onstage with James Brown by his father. He danced until security removed him from the stage
  • This one speaks to me personally; Queen has the longest standing fan base and holds a Guinness record for it
  • Axl Rose is actually an anagram for oral sex. His name in reality is William Bailey.
  • The Beatles were introduced to LSD by a dentist who slipped it into their coffee
  • The Doors were the first band ever to use a billboard to advertise for their new album

You’re welcome, my friends.

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