How well do you know your rock and roll?

Classic rock is my preferred music genre of choice and has been for quite some time now. In my own humble opinion, classic rock embodies everything great music should encompass, hence why a lot of the classics from this era will prevail within music for, I hope, many generations to come.

We cannot let this stuff die, folks. It’s just too damn good.

I thought it might be interesting to see if I could find some facts about rock and roll that aren’t necessarily common knowledge, and the following information from does not disappoint. Check it out.

  • The song ‘Creep’ by Radiohead didn’t garner much success when it was originally released in 1992. The following year, the band re-released the song and it then became an international hit.
  • Throughout sessions for ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘Xylo Moloto,’ Coldplay were under the influence of hypnosis
  • Bob Dylan’s actual name is Robert Allan Zimmerman, and he actually went by Elston Gunn before choosing his signature Bob Dylan
  • David Lovering, the drummer for the Pixies, is a professional magician
  • The name for Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ is a result of a labrador entering the studio while the band were recording the song
  • Bono hold bragging rights for being the only person to be nominated for a Golden Globe, an Emmy, an Oscar and The Nobel Peace Prize
  • Reginald Kenneth Dwight is Elton John’s actual name
  • The founding member of Fleetwood Mac, Jeremy Spencer, quit the band to join a cult called Children of God
  • While touring with Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page was dating a 14-year-old girl
  • Elvis recorded over 600 songs but wrote zero
  • Every member of Nirvana were removed from their release party for beginning a food fight

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more quirky rock and roll facts.

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