Are you familiar with The Irish Rovers?

This past Thursday, my mom, dad, grandmother, Blaine and myself ventured out to the Sanderson Centre in Brantford to see The Irish Rovers play. My grandmother (whom in Hungarian I refer to as Nagymama, Nagy for short) loves Irish music, and despite her and my Nagypapa’s strong Hungarian roots, the two of them saw The Irish Rovers play many times before he passed away.

When my mom caught wind they were performing so close to home, she thought it would be appropriate to buy all of us tickets for my Nagy’s Christmas present, and to say she was truly elated upon opening her gift is an understatement.

My mom and dad have seen The Irish Rovers play a couple of times in the past as well, but neither Blaine nor myself had, nor were we terribly familiar with their music. I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect from this concert, but my God, am I ever glad I attended.

This year, The Irish Rovers will be celebrating their 60th anniversary, and not all of the original members are still playing. Performing currently are George Millar, Ian Millar, Geoffrey Kelly, Gerry O’Connor, Fred Graham, Davey Walker, Shane Farrell, Jimmy Keane and Kevin Evans. The stage presence and energy these lads exude are incredible, and they had just about everyone in attendance grooving in their seats.

In attempting to determine an adjective to best describe The Irish Rovers’ music, happy immediately comes to mind, as does fun, upbeat, and whimsical. I’ve always loved the fiddle, let alone when you hear it sing some killer Irish tunage, and this in combination with bass, two acoustic guitars, drums, an accordion, a flute and a keyboard brought to life the sound of Irish music that we all know and love.

I seriously loved this concert, and I imagine my Spotify playlists will soon be incorporating songs from The Irish Rovers.

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