Check out some purely arbitrary rock and roll music facts

I’ve mentioned once or twice here on my blog that it can be a tad difficult at times to try and brainstorm ideas for a post without being redundant or writing on a topic I have already. Considering I post to my blog daily, it makes sense; while I like to think I’m slightly creatively inclined, my artistic tendencies do have a limit, and sometimes, I genuinely find myself staring at my computer screen, scoring my brain in an attempt to think of a topic that gets some neurons firing.

I can’t tell you why today’s post topic came to mind when I was brainstorming, but it did, so we’re gonna roll with it. I was inspired to share some random facts pertaining to rock and roll music, and this information comes from

“10. Axl Rose Probably Had The Easiest Pre-Fame Job: Axl Rose may be worth $150 million today (thanks to successful and sold out shows with Guns ‘n Roses and AC/DC) but once upon a time, he was an ordinary citizen like you. Although he didn’t do not-so-glamorous work like Kurt Cobain (he used to be a janitor) or David Lee Roth (he was once a hospital orderly), it’s interesting what he did before he became Axl Rose the Rockstar. When he wasn’t working as a Sunset Boulevard Tower Records night manager, he also participated in a scientific experiment conducted in UCLA by smoking cigarettes. He reportedly made $8 an hour.

9. The Doors Were The First To Try Billboard Advertising: The Doors was legendary for a lot of things including Jim Morrison’s crazy antics on top of his oozing charm and sex appeal. And they were actually the first group to use billboard as an advertising medium for their debut album which was released in 1967. It was all thanks to Jac Holzman, the founder of Elektra Records. Holzman then reserved a spot near the Chateau Marmont hotel which cost $1200/month. Sure it’s a bit expensive but it was worth it because according to him, that would catch the attention of disc jockeys passing by the street on their way to work.

8. The Strokes Took A Guitar Riff From Tom Petty For One Of Their Hits: You know you’re influential when younger artists swipe some of your classic hits. That’s pretty much what happened to Tom Petty. You’ve probably heard about Sam Smith and his unintentional rip-off of ‘I Won’t Back Down’ which ended up in an out-of-court settlement. But that’s not all there is to it because Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Dani California’ bore resemblance to ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’ – it was so blatant that Petty at one point considered filing a lawsuit,” the web page states.

Check back tomorrow for some more completely arbitrary facts regarding rock and roll music.

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