Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

Controversy regarding the widely-known Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, has a lot of people sharing their somewhat heated opinions across social media as of late.

In case you haven’t heard of this controversy, people are upset with certain lyrics in the song that implies male patriarchy and female submission/oppression.

Prior to the onset of this controversy, I will admit that despite hearing the song every Christmas season for many years, I had never paid any attention to these particular lines in the song. Now that they’ve been brought to attention via social media, I think most people are keeping an ear open when they hear the song playing.

I’d rather not delve into my opinion towards this topic, but I do want to raise one point; if you are offended or insulted by these specific lines in the song, and therefore believe the lyrics to be inappropriate for radio, you absolutely should not be someone who listens to explicit, degrading, violent rap music that blatantly targets women in its lyrics.

If you have a problem with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, but listen to and enjoy “I Like It” or “Mo Bamba,” your opinion is pretty well invalid. If you’re going to publicize your stance towards offensive lyrics in one holiday song, but not towards the degrading and oppressive rap music played on current radio stations, I am unable to credit the legitimacy of your opinion seeing as it is completely contradictory and hypocritical.

I, for example, love rap music. I acknowledge how sexist and degrading this music can be towards women, therefore I do not wish to share my opinion towards the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” controversy because that would be hypocritical. One of my favourite songs is “Shake That,” for God sakes.

In conclusion, if “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” offends you, I imagine a vast majority of the music on the radio today also offends you.

Check out these two opinion pieces about this controversy:

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