Brock University

Having spent three years at Brock University already, I like to think I am eligible to share my opinions and experiences with you. I have one year left in my English Language and Literature program, and following my graduation I am hoping to complete my Masters degree in English at Brock as well. I also just recently submitted a form to declare Women and Gender studies as my minor, so I am waiting to hear back about that.

Understandably, I am a little biased in saying this, but I really do love Brock. When I was in grade twelve and trying to decide what university I wanted to attend, it was a close tie between Brock and Laurier Waterloo. I applied and was accepted to both Brock and Laurier Waterloo, as well as McMaster, Carelton and Queens. I think what swayed me into selecting Brock as my school of choice was the fact that my sister was here already studying history, and it was comforting knowing I would be at the same school as my big sister. She is no longer at Brock, having switched degrees and enrolling at Mohawk College in Hamilton instead, but needless to say I am still very content with my choice to study at Brock University.

Brock’s campus is definitely one of its best features. It is always clean and well-kept, and it only takes about 10 minutes to make it from one edge of campus to the other. It’s a decent-sized school, not too small but not too large, and the further I get into my career, the smaller my classes have become, meaning professors know you on a first-name basis, as opposed to as another blurred face or a random number.

Brock’s English department offers a lot of really great classes, ranging from 18th century literature to modernism, and I can almost guarantee that there is an English course they offer that will appeal to you on some level. Their Women and Gender Studies department is also exceptional in terms of course selection.

I have certainly had my share of really crappy professors and teaching assistants at Brock, but I have also had some incredible professors that take the sting away from my less fortunate experiences. Professor Conley, Professor Danahay, Professor Allard and Professor Spearey are some of the utmost best English professors I have had the pleasure of being taught by during my time at Brock

If you go to Brock or went to Brock, please comment below and let me know what program you were enrolled in! Also, feel free to share your opinions of Brock University in the comment section. :)

– Lauren

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