Exercise At Home

This morning when I woke up, I had some breakfast and proceeded to complete my workout routine. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred while I was exercising,  but I caught myself thinking just how easy it is to do my workout at home, or in anyone’s home.

If you’re curious as to what my actual workout regime is, I made a post about it a couple of weeks ago. Check it out if you’re interested!

I think it is important to recognize and understand just how versatile exercise can be. Not only are you in control when it comes to whenyou will actually complete your workout, but the exercises you incorporate into your routine are entirely subjective, and undoubtedly up to you.

There seems to be a major societal push for working out in a gym. Don’t get me wrong, working out in fitness centers are great, and they certainly grant a lot more variety in terms of equipment and utilities you are able to make use of during your workout. But, it is also important to acknowledge that exercise provides the same results in your home as it would in a gym, and working out at home is likely a lot cheaper than paying for a gym membership. As long as you have a pair off running shoes and a street nearby where you can walk/run/bike, you’re well on your way to developing a kickass workout routine.

There also seems to be a huge misconception that in order to get an effective workout at home, it requires fitness equipment and free-weights. If you have weights or cardio machines in your home, by all means make use of them. But, if you don’t, there is absolutely nothing to stress about. You can easily walk or run outside, and there are plenty of body-weight exercises that provide results without the use of free weights.

Of course, diet plays a vital role in terms of losing weight or staying in shape, but I shall save that topic for a later post.

What are your favorite ways to get exercise? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading! :)

– Lauren

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