Social Media

Social media is something that has significant influence and impact upon the ways in which society functions in the current era.


It is rather incredible to consider just how much social media has gained popularity in the past 20 years. I cannot imagine what it must be like for individuals of my parents generation (Baby Boomers) to witness the dominance social media has achieved in society in the past couple of decades or so.

While I do enjoy using social media, and I use it daily, I definitely there are a lot of problematic aspects and characteristics that is presents. The main issue for me is that social media has gained complete control in the lives of most individuals of my generation, and it has become a necessity and a dependence in everyday living for younger people today. Dependence on technology and social media is recognizable everywhere, and it is rare to converse with a teenager today without them having to check their phone or their Facebook feed in twenty minute intervals. It’s like people have forgotten how to make conversation, and furthermore the importance of social interaction.

Social media also presents ample opportunity for cyber bullying and various forms of harassment to occur.
Yes, privacy settings exist and there are ways to ensure your accounts and information is secure, but it is hard to entirely avoid the occurrence of harassment or bullying on social media. I myself have been hacked on more than one occasion, and I update my privacy settings on my social media accounts frequently.

My least favourite medium of social media is Facebook. A majority of my Facebook feed is filled with mindless and highly unimportant updates on the lives of people I do not talk to or see anymore, and honestly it makes me feel negative at times. Facebook is all about staying in touch with gossip and being informed about details of people’s lives, and so often people spend more time documenting their lives on Facebook instead of going outside and living it themselves.

It’s really, really sad.

Social media has a lot of benefits and offers a lot of interesting things to read and explore, but I certainly feel as though its negatives outweighs its positives.

Do you? Let me know your opinion on social media.

Thanks for reading :)

– Lauren

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