I am fairly certain that when Spring rolls around in Canada, everyone’s mood automatically heightens approximately 110%.


Winter was not bad this year at all, considering what it was like last year. But, waking up in the morning and not having to wear winter boots to walk outside of your door is definitely something I look forward to every year, and such a time is finally upon us Canadians. Well, most of us Canadians. Probably not the Canadians that live up North and are still shovelling their way out from 10 ft of snow.

Although my favourite season is Autumn, Spring is just such an optimistic time of year. For me, it symbolizes warmer weather, which means the approach of summer, the end of the school year, and the end of frozen snot in my nostrils when I stay outside in the winter for more than 20 minutes.

It’s just a nice time of year.

One of my favourite things about Spring is Easter. Not even the actual holiday itself, but the decorations that come out around Easter time. My mom is an absolute sucker for Easter decorations. All over our house right now, we have rabbits, chicks and tulips. It could honestly pass for a Easter boutique, but I love it, because the bright colours and whimsical decorations genuinely just enhance my mood.

One thing about Spring that is not necessarily my favourite is the start of tobacco season. Every year in March, we seed trays with tobacco seeds and lay them out in the greenhouse to grow, until the plants are big enough o be planted in the ground in May. I love farm work, but seeding trays is probably the dullest job on the farm. Styrofoam trays going in and out of a machine is just not that riveting.

What do you love, or not love, about Spring? Tell me in the comments section. :)

Thanks for reading!

– Lauren

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