I feel as though the older I get, the less travelling appeals to me.

Weird, I know. I’ve discovered since going to university that I am definitely a homebody. Regardless, I have been to some pretty incredible destinations in the past few years with my mom, dad and sister, and I am very grateful to be able to say I have done some geographic exploration.

My favourite vacation by far was when my family and I visited London, England. We weren’t even planning on going to England, believe it or not – we were intending on going to Rome, but due to some last minute weather issues with our airline, we ended up in London. At the time I was pretty bummed that Rome didn’t work out, but looking back I am so incredibly thankful I was exposed to British culture, because I fell in love.


Everything about London stole my heart. I can’t really explain it, but I just felt like I belonged there. We visited numerous tourist landmarks like the Tower of London, the London Eyeand Westminster Abbey, but I think my favourite thing we did in London was just walking the downtown streets and exploring the countless shops and vendors. My sister and I are hoping to go back when we are both done school, and I imagine it will be just as incredible as our first visit. Also, the fish and chips were spectacular.

Our travels in Las Vegas were also really incredible. It seems fair to assume that Las Vegas wouldn’t be an ideal vacation spot for a family, but it has a lot more to offer than just gambling. My family and I did some very neat and unique activities while in Vegas, one being dune-buggying across the Nevada desert. I got sand in places that sand is not intended to end up, but it was without a doubt worth it. My dad and I even went on several amusement park rides that were on top of a sky scraper. Yes, you read that correctly. We rode amusement rides that were built on top of a sky scraper. If that doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will. I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy sending your adrenaline through the roof.

If I could pick one place to visit right now, I would have to go with a Caribbean island. What’s not to like about crystal blue waters and white, sandy beaches?

Comment below to let me know about some of your vacation experiences or if you have some recommendations regarding travel destinations!

– Lauren :)

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