Product Review: LUSH Mask of Magnaminty

I have always been searching for a face mask that produces results I can see and feel in regards to my skin. I have tried my fair share, and have sort of settled with whatever I think seems to be meeting my expectations. This all changed, however, when I received a sample of the LUSH Mask of Magnanimity face mask from the LUSH store in Limeridge Mall. It was my first time venturing into a LUSH store, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. The staff was super friendly and helpful, and allowed me to sample a lot of products which certainly enhanced the overall customer experience. This mask has certainly unveiled what I personally think a face mask should do, and I recently purchased a full size container of it because one use of it impressed me so tremendously. It retails in store for $14.00 for a small container and $26.00 for a large container, and a little goes a long way.

This mask is great for anyone with acne-prone skin, because it also doubles as an exfoliant. You apply the mask to your face, allow it to sit for approximately 20 minutes, and then rinse it off. The mask has a gentle, not rough, granular consistency, meaning when you wash it off of your face it gently exfoliates at the same time without irritating your skin. Genius, right?

If you check out the LUSH website, it explains that the three main components of the mask ingredient wise are aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, which is what I just mentioned, vanilla to calm redness in the skin and honey to soothe the skin. Of course, the mask contains mint, hence its name as well as its green colour, and it smells absolutely phenomenal. I was tempted to eat the stuff.

I found that after rinsing the mask from my face, my skin looked radiant, felt incredibly smooth and appeared less irritated. I tend to use face masks twice a week, and I plan to do the same with this one.

LUSH claims to be cruelty-free which is always a bonus in my books, and this particular mask is made with entirely ‘safe synthetics’ ingredients. I definitely give this product a thumbs up!

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