Spring 2016 Trends

I cannot really claim to be in touch with the latest trends of the fashion industry, but I do like to keep familiar with new and upcoming styles. Hence why when brainstorming of ideas to blog about today, I thought of checking out the upcoming fashion trends for Spring of this year.

I checked out several different fashion websites, and according to StyleCaster.ca, there are 10 main trends to keep an eye out for:

(1) Beach wear – essentially looking like a stylish beach bum, meaning a lot of loose fitting linen dresses and floppy hats.

(2) High shirt collars and necks

(3) Ruffled Blouses – this one fails to appeal to me.

(3) Sleepwear made appropriate for going out in public – picture a lot of satin and lingerie type dresses. This trend could be an easy one for a lot of women who already own lingerie. Just throw a jacket over top of your babydoll sleep gown and you’re good to go!

(4) Puffy sleeves – another one that fails to appeal to me.

(5) ‘Peasant Vibe’ – this one is word for word from the website, and yes, I am as baffled as you are. StyleCaster.ca describes it as appearing simultaneously spiritual and hippyish through means of clothing, yet not religious.

(6) A lot of blues and oranges

(7) Metallics

(8) Layering – the website specifically references layering t-shirts beneath dresses, which seems a little impractical in my opinion.

(9) A lot of whites and blacks

(10) Fringes – I think this one speaks for itself in terms of not appealing to my tastes in clothing.

If you’re anything like me, you were probably entirely unfamiliar with these Spring trends for 2016. My style doesn’t typically alter in accordance with whatever is trending, because I believe if you’re constantly updating your wardrobe in an attempt to keep up with trends, you will never wear anything for more than one season. If that is the case, what is the point of spending money on clothing? I tend to go for clothing items that can be neutral and adaptable to numerous looks. This way, I don’t have to worry about identifying select items in my wardrobe that accentuate whatever is the fashionable trend at a current time.

By the sounds of it, this upcoming Spring will be a mix of an 80’s throwback and some classic lingerie. Keep it classy, folks.

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