The Lack of Sophistication in Formal Writing

Yesterday evening at dinner, my mom showed me an article she read in the Hamilton Spectator. I am not going to state who the author of the article is, nor am I going to state the name of the article itself, because I do not want to publicly criticize this certain individual in regards to an issue that is prevalent across many different mediums of formal writing.

The article itself was hilarious and quirky, and the author had a definite sense of character and personality within her writing. What bothers me is the fact that this person had their work published in a widely recognized newspaper and their writing was improper and had grammatical errors.

I suppose these errors could be blamed on the editor of the magazine, but I think the issue goes further than that. The significant error with this article was the fact that the work was publicized and furthermore published with it being written in a manner that goes entirely against the way individuals are instructed to write in an educational institution.

The sort of writing present in this article would be suitable for a personal blog, such as the one I am running here, or even in an opinion piece. But not as a categorized title in a successful magazine.

You may question why I am so deeply bothered by this one particular article. To be honest, I find it extremely frustrating that persons writing in the way this particular author did are able to have their work published, yet other persons who strive to ensure their work is proper and sophisticated have an incredibly slim chance of having their work published.

How is that fair?

Well, to be blunt, it isn’t fair. Yes, I am aware life isn’t fair, but it is unsettling that individuals who work their entire lives to develop concise and proper pieces of writing may never have their work published because other individuals are seizing such opportunity from them – individuals who are writing incorrectly themselves.

By no means am I attempting to suggest I am the Ghandi of proper writing, but I know an error when I see one. Quirky writing is great for personal pieces, but perhaps newspapers should focus on publishing work by individuals who truly deserve it.

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