Migrant Workers in Canada

I was reading an article in the latest Macleans magazine by Michael Friscolanti. The article is titled “A Temporary Fix”, and it brings attention to the mistreatment of migrant workers in Canada on behalf of the Temporary Foreign Worker’s Program (TFWP).

This article is essential in terms of bringing awareness to Canadian companies that fail to treat their migrant workers appropriately, but I feel as though I need to specifically reference a quote by Jody Brown within Friscolanti’s article. To paraphrase, Brown discusses how it is crucial to abstain from assuming the entire migrant worker industry in Canada treats their workers poorly, and how it is furthermore essential to be informed and educated about the many employers who do treat their migrant workers well.

This article is of relevance to me because my family owns and operates a tobacco, ginseng, poultry and cash crop farm, and we deal with the Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S.), an organization that ensures migrant workers working in agriculture in Canada are treated properly. My family in particular provides our migrant workers with transportation to the nearest city when needed, provides them with fully furnished and annually inspected living quarters, ensures such living quarters are consistently maintained and are up to date in terms of appliances and furniture, provides them with necessary safety training procedures and safety equipment, provides them with beverages and food for their breaks as well as full lunch and dinner meals during long working days, covers transportation costs if a worker is required to travel back home in the case of a family emergency, and furthermore abides by all conditions established by the Canadian and Mexican government in their work contracts.

F.A.R.M.S. is an example of a Canadian agency that displays diligence and commitment towards securing the proper treatment of migrant workers in this country, and it incredibly important to be educated and have an awareness of organizations such as F.A.R.M.S. in Canada to avoid making vast generalizations about the treatment of migrant workers in this country. It is dangerous to paint all employers of migrant workers with the same brush, because by doing so inaccurate stereotypes are perpetuated and are eventually supported by individuals ignorant to the issue.

2 thoughts on “Migrant Workers in Canada

  1. Thanks Lauren…I know this to be true, as our family spent time with you. We witnessed the respectful way your family dealt with workers.


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