What’s Really in your Makeup?

Cosmetic products are a wonderful thing. They present ample opportunity for self expression, art, boosting ones confidence, and are furthermore an enjoyable thing to experiment with, in my own opinion.
Something I have learned over time with my own use of cosmetics is that a lot of products contain ingredients that are unsafe, harmful, and ultimately dangerous to an individual’s body. Research is essential in regards to knowing what ingredients are used to compose cosmetic products, and safecosmetics.org is a great website that explores some popular ingredients used in a lot of makeup products that are actually unsafe chemicals and contaminants.
The website names several chemicals that tend to be popular components of products ranging from makeup to soaps. Here are some of the listed culprits:
  • 1, 4 Dioxane: Safe cosmetics.org explains that this chemical typically fails to be mentioned in product ingredients, and it is common in things such as soaps and shampoos. It is described as a contaminant that has been linked to cancers.
  • Acrylates: Commonly found in nail polishes, this chemical is harmful when inhaled or or when in contact with skin. Be wary of nail salons that use products with this ingredient.
  • Benzophenone: This chemical is usually found in lip balms and nail products, and it’s purpose is to protect products from UV lights. It, too, has been linked to cancers.
  • Carbon Black: This dark powder used to intensify pigment in a lot of mascaras and eyeliners has been linked to the potential progression of cancer.
  • Lead: Most often occurring in products such as lipsticks, toothpaste and eye shadows and liners, lead typically appears alongside other heavy metals like arsenic and Mercury, all of which are contaminants.
  • Mica: This powder is commonly found in foundations and face powders. It is used as a filler in both cement and asphalt, and is dangerous when inhaled.
The website lists numerous other ingredients that are likely in some of the cosmetic products you are currently using or have used in the past. Safecosmetics.org is highly informative and educational, and I highly recommend checking it out before purchasing a foreign cosmetic product.
Always do your research, and be safe with your cosmetics.

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