How Much Coffee is too Much Coffee?

Being an avid coffee drinker myself, I hear more often than not that I drink ‘too much coffee’. Hearing this multiple times prompted me to do some research on the topic to determine just how much coffee is truly too much, or if a maximum amount is even stated.

I started drinking coffee when I turned thirteen, and I have not stopped since. On the average day, I have approximately six to eight cups of black coffee. I honestly feel like more times than not I drink coffee out of habit, or even boredom, but I do thoroughly enjoy the taste.

It proved to be difficult to find anything strictly about over consuming coffee, but there was a lot of information about what occurs to an individual if they consume too much caffeine in general, from any source.

According to, there are numerous negative things that can occur if a person consumes too much caffeine. It is important to keep in mind that caffeine exists in not only coffee, but also other foods such as chocolate, some fruits, and energy drinks. Coffee is not the sole perpetrator, here. Side effects of consuming too much caffeine include increased heart rate, heartburn, acid reflux, restlessness, agitation, anxiety, racing thoughts, dehydration, insomnia, digestive pain/discomfort, and even stomach ulcers.

Personally, I realize I have had too much caffeine, or coffee, when my mouth becomes extremely dry, and furthermore when I get headaches. It doesn’t get to that point often, but when it does, I ensure I drink water to get the moisture levels raised in my body.

Many individuals believe that tea is a better alternative to coffee because they are under the impression that it contains less caffeine. This is true to an extent, but even tea and its caffeine can creep up on you if you drink numerous cups daily.

Bottom line, coffee is wonderful, but it has its cons.

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