How to Prepare For A Job Interview

Job interviews have always seemed so daunting to me, and I believe a lot of persons feels the same way about them as I do. They are intimidating because they are an assessment of you as an individual in regards to a specific position or occupation at a place of work, and being interviewed by someone can be a rather intense process.

I have been interviewed on a few different occasions for positions of work, so I figured I would offer to you some of the tricks and tips I make use of when I am interviewed by an individual. I am not suggesting that the tips I use personally will 100% land you the position you are seeking out, not am I suggesting that they will even be relevant to you in whatever circumstance you are in. These are simply my own techniques to apply to an interview, and hopefully you can take something positive from them.

(1) Always arrive on time to an interview. Starting off your interview by being tardy is certainly not a great way to introduce yourself to your interviewer, and it can be interpreted as poor organization skills on your behalf, even if the circumstances that made you late are beyond your control. Plan ahead and ensure you make it to your interview on time.

(2) Be yourself. This sounds cliche and cheesy, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to come across as yourself in an interview. Pretending to be a person you are not in order to get a position of work likely will not work out for you in the long run, so always be honest and true to avoid future consequences.

(3) Show confidence. Exuding a self-assured nature to your interviewer is a great way to leave a positive first impression. Be careful, though; there is a major difference between being confident and being arrogant, so be sure to understand that you are displaying your confidence in a respectful and polite manner.

If you have any personal tips or tricks that you make use of in interviews, feel free to share them here On The Edge Of Everything. You could end up helping someone out!

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