The Importance (and Rarity) of Genuine Friendship

Over these past couple of weeks, I have rekindled with some friends that I have not seen for an extended period of time. With all of us maturing, working, and studying at various schools, it has become quite difficult to see each other as consistently as we did in high school.

I have also been in touch with Natalie, a girl who has been my best friend since first year of university. We attended high school together, and we furthermore played rugby together, so when we learned that we were both attending Brock University for our studies, we did not hesitate to live together as roommates. We have been roommates since our first year at Brock, and we will finish our studies at Brock as roommates as well. Natalie earned herself a fantastic summer job, but because she is away from home, I have not been able to see her nearly as much as we are both used to. We FaceTimed the other night, and it was honestly wonderful to just see her face and hear her voice and converse as though I had only just seen her minutes before as opposed to weeks.

I have another very close friend of mine named Michelle, and she is my boyfriends’ sister-in-law. Had it not been for me dating Blaine and becoming familiar with his family, I would never have been granted the opportunity and privilege to meet Michelle, but I am so incredibly grateful that she is now a part of my life. She is such a genuine, caring and strong woman, and despite an age gap between us, she is one of my best friends.

The message behind this post is to value and preserve a friendship when you know it is real and honest. It can be difficult to entirely let your guard down with someone, so when you find you are able to do so with an individual, recognize it as a sign of a true friendship.

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