Black Lives Matter: Philando Castile

I was absolutely devastated to learn of the death of Philando Castile, a black male who was killed yesterday evening by a police officer who pulled him over in a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

I am referring to Castile’s passing as death, though it is questionable as to whether or not I could categorize his passing as murder.

Castile’s girlfriend filmed the incident of the traffic stop on her cellphone mere moments after he was shot. Hours after Castile’s passing, his mother, Valerie, spoke about the circumstance during a live-stream on Facebook. She voiced her opinion of her sons death, and she and Philando’s uncle blatantly discussed what it is like to be living in America as a black individual.

Her words are as follows:

“I want to remember him the way I last saw him leaving my home earlier that evening…He had a permit to carry. But with all of that, trying to do the right thing and live accordingly, abide the law, he was killed by the law.”

Valerie stated that she believes her sons murder was a result of him being black “in the wrong place”. She also explained how she feels as though the white police officer who shot her son was “trigger happy.”
It is situations and tragedies like these that truly unveil the significance of the Black Lives Matter Movement. I find it tremendously alarming that racial murders and killings at the hands of members of law enforcement are still occurring in the present year.
When will these types of tragedies end? How many more deaths will it take in order for something to be done about this escalating issue?
Valerie explained that she hopes for justice to be served in regards to the officer who shot her son. I hope for the same, and I hope racial injustice can come to a halt indefinitely.

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