Book Review: The Scorch Trials

Several posts ago, I wrote a review on the film The Maze Runner. I realized at a later date that although I reviewed the film, I failed to review the book by James Dashner.

Dashner is the author of The Maze Runner series. There are four texts in the collection, and are as follows: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure and The Kill Order. The series follows the journey of Thomas, a young man who is unable to recall any information of his past and is thrown into a scientific experiment in which he and several other boys are tested by government authority through means of facing dangerous creatures and physical obstacles.

The Maze Runner was a truly phenomenal book, and the second book in the series, The Scorch Trials, was equally phenomenal. Beginning with Thomas and his fellow Gladers (members of the first experiment, the maze) as they finally escape from the dreaded maze experiment,  The Scorch Trials proves to be yet another experiment implemented by the government titled Wicked. Thomas and his friends are forced to face challenges they ever fathomed to be possible, and their relationships, loyalty, and lives are tested. The book also focuses on the increasingly complicated relationship between Thomas and Teresa, a girl whom he encounters in the maze and believes he had a prior connection with before being thrown into the maze trials.

Dashner’s writing is not what I would categorize as particularly skilled or fancy, but his plot and characters are enthralling and complex. He ends each chapter with a new spark of excitement, meaning it is quite challenging to actually put the novel down. Thomas’ character is so interesting and genuine, and his role in the novel continues to be increasingly significant.

I look forward to reading the entire series, but this far The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials have failed to disappoint.

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