The Rise of Donald Trump

It is unfortunate that 2016 will likely be remembered as the year in which Donald Trump ran for president of the United States. When he first unveiled the announcement that he was running for the position in support of the Republican party, I would argue that a majority of persons viewed his decision as humorous. However, as presidential election happenings progress, it is apparent that Trump’s choosing to run for president is not, in fact, a joke.

Thus far in his presidential campaign, Trump has uttered sexist, racist, derogatory and immature proclamations about his opposition and furthermore personal identities as a whole. He has blatantly attacked Hillary Clinton in regards to her gender, even going so far as bringing up the scandalous relationships her husband, Bill, was involved in when he himself was president. What exactly does Bill Clinton’s past personal life have to do with Hillary’s choosing to run for president? I really could not tell you.

His racial stereotypes and cultural labelling have been horribly detrimental to global perceptions of Middle Eastern countries as a whole, yet he fails to recognize how his behaviour is unjust or inappropriate. He has also made racial comments about inhabitants of Mexico, claiming that Mexican immigrants are ‘rapists’ and that they are furthermore ‘bringing drugs and crime’ into America.

I could continue providing examples of why I believe Trump is unfit to be president of the United states, but I believe the biggest issue within this entire circumstance is the fact that he is being supported by a vast amount of American citizens. It is arguable that the support Trump is encountering from Americans is a direct reflection of what a lot of American’s truly believe is required in order to enhance their country, and such argument is incredibly alarming.

I strongly believe if trump is elected to be the next president of the United States, the country will do nothing but reverse in any progress Barack Obama strived to implement.

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