Is ‘Pokemon Go’ Dangerous?

It seems as though anywhere you turn lately there is news addressing the Pokemon Go game and the accidents it has caused.

I personally have never played the game, nor do I plan to. From my understanding, the game is an app for smart phones in which users attempt to catch and battle Pokemon characters in any and all environments. The game is what I would categorize as live action, meaning in order for it to function adequately the user must be engaged in the game and make use of it in different environments.

While categorizing the app as a whole as dangerous may seem rather dramatic, I do think there is valid reasoning behind such claim – to an extent. There have been numerous reports of car accidents and individuals being hit by vehicles while playing the game, which in my opinion certainly proves that playing the game in inappropriate circumstances can be dangerous, but in reality the game itself is not.

I fail to see how a resolution to this issue can be truly determined considering it is impossible to ban persons from playing the game while driving or walking across a street. The game essentially evokes the same issue as operating a motor vehicle while texting. It seems to be a dilemma that offers no clear resolution, and while playing Pokemon Go is not the same as texting, both texting and the game are activities that should not be pursued while driving as they serve as a distraction. Neither smart phones nor Pokemon Go are dangerous. What is dangerous is the fact that individuals choose to make use of technology while driving or in other unnecessary predicaments.

Pokemon Go has taken the world of smart phone applications by storm, and it is arguable that its popularity will fail to deplete for some time. While the game itself is a unique and clever application, it has certainly caused far more problems than I would have imagined possible. Perhaps it would be better suited for individuals who are able to determine the distinction between driving and gaming, and I can only hope such a distinction will become apparent to its users.

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