These Mistreatment of Rio Volunteers

An article posted on the CBC website today discusses yet another issue that has arisen in Rio as a result of the summer Olympic games.

The article, written by Brunhuber, provides insight in regards to the issue of a lack of volunteers for the Rio games. When the games initiated, there were a multitude of volunteers, however as the games progress more volunteers are refusing to fulfill their duties and be present at the games.

In his article, Brunhuber interviews a female volunteer for the Rio games, and she explains that the reasoning behind individuals failing to be present to volunteer is a result of their mistreatment. She explains how volunteers are called in to be at the games during early hours of the morning, with some persons making a two hour commute to Rio, and are forced to stay past their designated release time.

When the Rio games began, there were approximately 50,000 individuals who were committed to volunteering. There is now a 30% decline in the attendance of volunteers, and organizers of the games are beginning to fret.

Volunteers are expected to chauffeur athletes around the city in order for them to make it to their competing events, and despite spending extended durations of time with the athletes, volunteers are incredibly unlikely to ever witness an event.

Moreria, the female volunteer interviewed by Brunhuber, stated: “I don’t think the organizing committee had enough consideration for people’s lives and welfare. It was as though the organizing committee was doing us a favour. The committee uses the volunteers to make money, uses us for free labour.”

There have also been reports of volunteers failing to receive adequate amounts of food and water while at the games.

This is an alarming issue that has developed in Rio, and I would argue it is not receiving enough attention because volunteers are restricted in what they can say about their treatment considering Rio organizers are warning volunteers about what they can and cannot say.

Perhaps the games will have a different outcome from what organizers are likely predicting.

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