The Truth About Acne Products

As I have stated before and likely will continue to state until my complexion is clear, acne sucks. It is a concern that has the ability to totally abolish an individual’s sense of self-confidence, and often times it seems as though there is no true solution.

Having struggled with acne throughout my teenage years and furthermore into my twenties, I have come to acknowledge that while a chemical-filled face wash may work for persons with mild acne, topical creams, washes and ointments rarely present a solution to the problem of acne. I have tried and experimented with countless products that are “guaranteed” to destroy acne for good, and it is extremely discouraging when I came to the unfortunate realization that acne products will not resolve my complexion woes.

Acne ultimately comes from within the body. While some individuals with moderate acne are fortunate enough to designate a face wash or system that provides genuine results for them, this is rarely the case. Acne acts as a means to portray that there is some type of imbalance within the body, usually in regards to nutrients, testosterone for males, or in the case of females, hormones.

I have come across certain acne products that provide temporary results, but my skin tends to resume its poor condition prior to experimenting with said product after several weeks of use. Having done some research, I have discovered that my acne is likely the result of my numerous food intolerances – when I ingest food my body is intolerant to, such intolerances becoming apparent on my skin in the form of blemishes.

All I can say for individuals struggling with acne is to stay positive and acknowledge that acne is temporary. Although it may not seem like it, this skin condition almost always diminishes over time, and I hope my experiences can allow persons to comprehend that the truth behind solving acne is to work from within.

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