Are Gel Manicures Safe?

Gel manicures are wonderful for people who are avid nail-biters. I myself am certainly a nail-biter, and despite trying numerous techniques and strategies in an attempt to refrain from chewing my nails, I have been unsuccessful in finding a strategy that truly works.

I figured experimenting with gel nails would be an effective way to stop myself from chewing at my nails and cuticles, and I was correct. I have been getting gel manicures for approximately one year now, and I have not been able to bite my nails throughout said duration. Gel nails are incredibly resilient and furthermore tough, meaning it is almost impossible to chew through them.

After having gel nails for so long, I determined it would be beneficial to do some research on the topic. My findings displayed that while gel nails are not particularly healthy, acrylic nails are worse because of the harsh chemicals used to compose the acrylic nail. I personally get biogel nails, and while they are the most expensive variety to select from in a salon, they are the least damaging to your cuticle and nail bed.

One major concern affiliated with fake nails is the use of UV rays to dry the acrylic or gel once the manicure is complete. While your hands are not exposed to UV rays for long, any exposure to UV rays is dangerous, which arguably makes gel and acrylic nails dangerous to a certain extent.

It is also important to be conscious of the types of nail products a salon is using on your nails. Nail polish removers can be incredibly destructive to cuticles and nail beds, so it is best to ask what variety a salon is using or to even bring your own in with you. There are chemical-free polish removers available at most drug stores.

I am thoroughly pleased with my gel nails, and while I do not plan on discontinuing my involvement with them, I do suggest getting biogel nails over acrylic.

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