Book Review: The Kill Order by James Dashner

Alas, we have reached the concluding text in Dashner’s Maze Runner series. Though it is unfortunate that this series must come to an end, I will state that the first two texts in the series are far better than the final two.

The first two novels in Dashner’s series, The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, depict the incredible relationship that exists between the protagonist, Thomas, and his friends. Dashner emphasizes the themes of trust and furthermore loyalty in his first two texts, and I would argue that said theme is what makes the novels so compelling. The final two texts in his series, The Death Cure and The Kill Order, fail to feature the prominent themes that occurr in Dashner’s others texts, and this is what made the novels less enjoyable to read for me personally.

The reason as to why The Kill Order is by far my least preferred book in the series is because it acts as a prequel. Dashner uses his first three books to completely engulf the attention of his readers in the life of Thomas and his friends, and in the final text these very characters are non-existent. This was immensely disappointing for me to discover, and it certainly altered my reading experience. The characters in The Kill Order are not nearly as dynamic as Dashner’s previous characters, and I felt as though I was entirely unfamiliar with them considering they are not introduced until the final text.

Had Dashner incorporated his original characters into his final text, it is likely that my overall opinion of The Kill Order would be entirely different. However, I refuse to let one novel alter my opinion of the series as a whole, and I would highly recommend The Maze Runner series to any individual who enjoys dystopian texts.

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