I often feel as though gratitude is too often overlooked in today’s society. We as humans have composed a world that focuses on and emphasizes the supposed importance of consumerism and materialistic goods, and by doing so we have lost focus of the simple importance of being thankful.

While I do not believe evidence of gratitude has been entirely erased from society, it has certainly been depleted. I strongly feel as though persons have adapted an attitude that allows them to become accustomed to kind deeds – as opposed to acknowledging the goodness of an individual’s actions or thoughts, persons feel as though it is expected, or that they are deserving of kindness. While this naive ideology is appealing, it is unrealistic and it is furthermore concerning because it encourages individuals to become greedy.

My parents raised me in a manner that ensures I express thanks to people who demonstrate kindness. I am indebted to my parents for their commitment to instill gratitude within my personality characteristics, and it is sad that this same type of parental commitment is being overlooked in current society.

The society we are now raising children is dangerous. It communicates a message to individuals that gratitude is no longer a necessity in regards to relationships, and it is this message that allows simple acts of kindness to be overlooked and to be less and less prominent. I ensure that I acknowledge the things I am grateful for in my own life daily, because I personally do not want to lose the ability to recognize goodness in other people.

Expressing gratitude is not a complicated principle. It is a way to allow individuals to feel appreciated and valued by being good people, and it is certainly something that needs to become a more popular occurrence in the world today.

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