How to Start a Blog

Writer’s block can be a challenging thing to deal with when you’re affiliated with anything related to literature. You sit and stare at a blank screen or piece of paper, trying to force your brain to discover a new topic to write about, and in doing so you become incredibly frustrated and likely fail to gain any progress.

When I encounter writer’s block, I typically Google some blog topic ideas to get my creative juices flowing. I did this today, and a suggestion for a blog topic was to give insight as to how to create an interesting blog.

My no means am I an expert in blogging, but I am quite proud of my blog and I am furthermore satisfied with how it continues to progress and expand. I figured I could explain what I did in regards to starting my own blog in order to provide anyone struggling with this task with some guidance.

I would argue the most important component of beginning a blog is ensuring you pick a blog topic or theme you are interested in. For example, specific blogs discuss topics that stem from one overall theme, like a beauty blog or a health blog. While both these topic interest me, I feel as though I would find it difficult to come up with a new topic everyday to write about if I were to designate one theme to my blog. To avoid this issue, I decided my blog would discuss any and all topics that are of interest to me, hence why I named my website OnTheEdgeofEverything. It simply gives me a lot more room to explore topics and to delve into subjects I am not necessarily familiar with.

I would also suggest that you commit yourself to blogging a certain amount of times in a week. I blog everyday, and while this is not necessary nor appealing to all persons, I believe if I did not blog everyday I would lose interest and eventually stop posting altogether.

Blogging has been a wonderful experience for me, and if you have a passion for writing I suggest you begin one of your own. You will likely surprise yourself.

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