Laughter is such an important thing to experience. It is a simple yet powerful action that allows a person to feel instant happiness and furthermore pleasure.

Earlier today my dad and I had a little mishap on the farm, and it was positively hilarious. I had never witnessed my dad laughing as hard as he was today, and his laughter heightened mine. Laughter is a highly contagious thing, and I feel as though the way in which it can spread so effortlessly is genuinely compelling.

The sensation you experience after a very thorough laugh is also a truly wonderful thing. You feel an utmost sense of giddiness which seemingly prevents a smile from escaping your lips, and you continue to revert to laughter whenever you consider what made you begin laughing in the first place.

It is arguable that the world in which we live today has made it difficult for laughter to be an infectious force. With so much hate and violence existing throughout the world, it can seem challenging to unveil a reason to smile, let alone laugh. I believe this void of darkness is able to be combated by a unified effort of laughter, thigh in order to create such unification, one must designate reasoning within their lives that is able to prompt laughter.

I am not exactly what I would categorize as a serious person. I love to laugh and to to be goofy, but most of all I love to make others laugh. I strongly believe my sense of humour is what permits me to look past darkness in the world and to focus on the light. A life without laughter seems quite bleak in my opinion, and I urge any and all persons to express their laughter in a manner loud enough to reach the ears of persons in the depths of sadness.

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