Fat Shaming

Fat shaming, by definition, is discrimination or mockery against an individual who exceeds the weight limitation of a person of their size. It is the act of causing an overweight person to feel ashamed and uncomfortable with their body through means of both verbal and physical harassment.

I am unsure as to when fat shaming became a definite thing in society, though I do recognize that it has been in existence for an extended duration of time. Causing overweight persons to feel insecure has been a component of society and media for many years, and I believe it is an inexcusable form of behaviour.

Why is it that society has the ability to dictate the right or wrong size of a persons body? From my understanding, the human body is a very personal entity, and when someone makes a judgmental comment about another persons body, it is an act that breaches an individual’s sense of self and identity.

I am unable to determine a clear reason as to why a person who is overweight must be objectified to ignorant accusations and statements. Hearing that a person is disapproving of your own body can be tremendously detrimental to an individual’s self-confidence and furthermore angering considering no person has the right to judge your body.

It is important to acknowledge that fat shaming can work in reverse as well. Underweight persons also face scrutiny and harassment for their bodies, and while being on the underweight end of the spectrum may sound less severe in regards to harassment than the overweight end of it, both are equally damaging to a persons sense of self.

Being independently confident is difficult enough in this world, let alone attempting to maintain confidence when someone is telling you to be ashamed of who you are. Always strive to recognize that your body belongs to you, no one else, and that you are beautiful.

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