The Materialistic Obsession Over Holidays

Whilst conversing with a woman at a function today, I was informed that Canadian Tire is already making Christmas decorations and holiday products available for purchase. My sister then proceeded to inform me that dollar stores are offering Christmas decor as well, and furthermore hats, mittens and scarves.

While I have always enjoyed the holidays and the Christmas season, I have come to acknowledge that Christmas and a majority of other holidays have become nothing more than an opportunity to boost the sales of retail marketers. Christmas in particular is intended to be a holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ as it is written in the Bible, however as I become older I recognize that it essentially celebrates everything but its true meaning. Stores, retailers and malls use Christmas as a window to bring in heightened sales and to feature decorative items, and the materialistic obsession over Christmas is produced as a result.

What is possibly even more disturbing is the comprehension that some stores are actually skipping over other holidays in order to advertise their Christmas merchandise. Canadian Tire and dollar stores are making holiday decor available for purchase, yet they are failing to offer merchandise affiliated with holidays prior to Christmas, for example Thanksgiving and Halloween. Why is there a rush to celebrate Christmas? Are the holidays that occur prior to December 25th somehow deemed less significant than Christmas?

It is my hope that Christmas can somehow revert to being a celebration of life and happiness. I am unsure if this hope will ever become a reality, however, considering Christmas seems to becoming more and more materialistic. If individuals simply chose to focus on spending time with loved ones and friends as opposed to having the most elaborately decorated Christmas tree, this holiday and its meaning may be able to return to its true purpose.

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