Vitamins: Good or Bad?

It is arguable that the debate regarding as to whether vitamins are beneficial or detrimental to a persons health has been in existence for an extended duration of time. Some argue that vitamins offer nutrients to the human body that are hard to retain through means of only diet, and some argue that the human body does not need additional nutrients apart from what is ingested via diet.

I personally am undecided in this debate, or perhaps I should say I am neutral. While I myself take vitamins daily, I do believe that taking too many vitamins can cause more harm than good when it comes to health.

The vitamins I take daily are intended to aid my body in nutrients and minerals it is lacking. I have had blood work done numerous times to ensure I understand what my body is deficient in, meaning I only take vitamins as needed. I take iron, zinc, calcium, collagen, vitamin D and a digestive aid. Most of the vitamins I take are meant to replace the nutrients I am lacking in my diet as a result of my food intolerances, but others, such as zinc and collagen for example, are for my skin, hair and bones.

It is easy to convince yourself that dozens of vitamins are required in order to be healthy, but this is not true. Taking too many vitamins can actually work against your body, meaning you could be more susceptible to germs and colds/viruses, and you can furthermore disrupt your bodily systems by causing certain nutrients to heighten. Balance is key when it comes to health, and vitamins are not always the answer when it comes to maintaining an equilibrium.

It is essential to understand what exactly your body needs in regards to nutrients, and in order to find out you should converse with your doctor about having bloodwork done. Don’t jump the gun and go out and buy countless multi-vitamins; simply find out what your body truly needs.

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