Television Series Review: Teen Wolf

Okay, before you judge me for watching Teen Wolf, hear me out. I am aware that the title of the series sounds rather corny, lame even, but I am completely and entirely serious when I state that Teen Wolf is one of the best television shows I have ever watched.

Perhaps my liking for this show results in my passion for fantasy-based media productions and literature, but I would argue that this series would appeal to any individual who enjoys a fast-paced plot and heightened action. There are currently five seasons of Teen Wolf, and the sixth season is expected to premiere this November. I am halfway through viewing the fourth season, and the show has yet to disappoint me in terms of excitement.

Teen Wolf follows the life of protagonist Scott McCall, a young man who was bitten by a werewolf and is forced to embrace the effects of such bite in order to protect those around him. Alongside Scott is Stiles (his best friend), Allison (his first love), Lydia (Stiles’ love), Kira (Scott’s recent love), Derek (Scott’s mentor and fellow werewolf), and within the newer seasons, Malia (fellow werewolf). The characters are undeniably the most enthralling component of Teen Wolf. All of the actors and actresses that portray their characters are incredibly talented in their designated roles, and their chemistry together on-screen is tremendously realistic.

The quick and ever-changing plot of this series is what initially had me hooked, though as I watch it more and delve in deeper I have come to realize that the relationship that exists between Scott and Stiles is what truly captivates my attention. The actors who play these characters, Tyler Posey as Scott and Dylan O’Brien as Stiles, are so believable in their roles, and their friendship is conveyed as real and raw.

If you have yet to watch Teen Wolf, try not to be quick to judge or assume. It truly is a great show, and I look forward to the final season.

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