Communication is an essential component of everyday life. Whether it be verbal or physical, communication is a means for persons to express their emotions and opinions to others in order to ensure they are understood.

While the concept of communication may seem simple in a broad perspective, I feel as though many individuals fail to truly grasp the purpose and importance of it. Over time I have noted that older generations of persons particularly struggle with the notion of communication.  While this categorization does not apply to all persons of older generations, it is certainly more relevant to aged individuals as opposed to younger individuals. My parents and grandparents, for example, were not raised in eras in which communication was possible via numerous different mediums such as cellphones and Internet. A lack of communative resources in previous generations is likely what results in the failure to communicate within them.

Communication can take various different forms. It can be aggressive, forceful, vague, physical, verbal, kind or passive. While specific types of communication may seemingly take precedence over others, the ways in which a person expresses themselves are all equally important.

There has definitely been an increase in technological communication in recent years, and while such communication presents more opportunity for persons to converse, it also suppresses the occurrence of verbal communication. Verbal communication tends to be more straightforward than technological conversation, considering a face-to-face dialogue allows both parties to interpret the others’ body language and tone of voice. Perhaps this is why communication in older eras seems to be less apparent – the preferred type of communication is verbal, but it is harder now than ever to contact someone verbally or in person.

Though it may be challenging, perhaps try and force yourself to converse with others in a verbal manner as opposed to doing so online or through a cellphone. Social skills are far too important to be oppressed by the force of technology.

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