Film Review: Fearless

I have always been interested in PBR, otherwise known as Professional Bull Riders. My dad has been watching bull riding on television since I was a child, and I can remember sitting down to watch the rodeos with him in the comfort of our living room.

When I discovered a documentary series about PBR on Netflix, I was immediately intrigued and began to watch it that same evening. The series, called Fearless, is a Netflix original containing one season of the documentary composed of six episodes. Each episode displays a profile on a highly recognized rider in the PBR, providing clips from their competitive season as well as their life outside of the PBR realm.

I found the documentary to be very interesting and furthermore enjoyable to view. By the end of the series I felt as though I personally knew each of the men interviewed, and my respect for individuals associated with the PBR heightened tremendously.

The series portrays the realities of the rodeo lifestyle that the average person is likely unfamiliar with, and how such lifestyle can impact both the mental and physical state of riders. The series also depicts the struggle of riders balancing their career with their families, and it is incredibly realistic in doing so.

The documentary also emphasized the significance of being bold and confident in the PBR. Every rider interviewed stated the danger that comes from being afraid in the arena, and how fear cannot be a component of bull riding. Each rider discussed the inevitably of being injured, but in their discussion they emphasized that anxiety or worry about potential injury is the biggest hindrance to a bull riding career.

It is my hope that a second season of Fearless will be added to Netflix. I think it is an educational story about man vs animal and the true lifestyle of a cowboy.

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